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Hi Everyone,

I am Barbarela, a Romanian girl working as full time escort in Moscow. I am natural brunette with slender figure, flawless skin and perky bosom. 

As an escort, I prefer dating students and young professionals. Especially, to guys who do not have girlfriend till yet. I am full of compassion and fond of showing love and care to my boyfriend. With me, you would feel like living in paradise. Madrid chicas escortI will make you so much at ease.

I prefer entertaining my client in my apartment rather than hanging outside. I will perform a seductive dance in case you are tired after working all day long or need a break from your studies. Then, I will come close to you so that you can hold me in your arms tightly and kiss me passionately from top to bottom. Finally, I give you ultimate pleasure through KS positions.

Please call my agency or drop an email to get a date with me. I would love to be your loving girlfriend for some hours.

My sex story

Recently, I had a night with a cop. It was really an amazing experience.  The guy has hots on her senior office, but couldn’t fulfill his fantasy because of two reasons. First, she was married and second I couldn’t afford losing my job.

I arrived in his apartment being a sexy cop. As I entered his apartment, I found no one. Suddenly I heard the door shot and a hand on my mouth to keep me shut.  The cop tied my hands with a rope and pushed me to bed. Now, I saw this insane cop first time. He was in early 30s, had a beard and was well built.

He smiled looking at me. It was quite obvious that his intention was to violate me.  I shivered when he came close to me and caressed my cheek. He told me not to worry and promised that it would be best sexual encounter I am going to have in my life.

He took out a knife from his pocket; put it on my top of my shirt and with a single cut ripped it into two parts. Then, he unhooked my bra, fondled it for some moments and start sucking them. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the moment for some time.

While sucking my breasts, he unzipped my pants, removed it and put his hands inside my panty.  He put his finger inside my vagina and started moving it in all corners. I sweat with excitement and started panting heavily.  My vagina became wet within 5 minutes of finger sex and I had first real orgasm of my life. Then, he pushed me gently to bed and started kissing me feverishly. His lips moved all over my body, finally he spread my legs apart and inserted his huge cock inside my vagina.  My vagina was already lubricated, hence his penis inserted easily in my body. He rotated his cock all over my vagina and kept on doing this till he ejaculated a huge sperm dose inside my body.

I scratched his back in excitement. Later, he untied my hands and slept next to me. When I woke up, he was gone on his duty. But, before going he left a thankful note and a pizza for lunch.  He thanked me for such a lovely service and promised to come back again. I really enjoyed having sex with him and hope he came back again to love my sexy body.

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